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Clothing promotional bag
Laminated paper bag
Paper carrier bag
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Nonwoven shopping bag
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Nonwoven shopping bag
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Kraft paper promotional bag
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Kraft paper shopping bag
Kraft paper carry bag

        Shanghai congrui printing packaging Co., LTD. Was founded in 1993, is one of the china largest scale and printing capability factory , with perfect printing technical equipment on both packaging and printing series, as the developing of years, it has become a comprehensive enterprise which specialize in pictorial printing, colour packaging printing, paper boxes, books, bag printing as well as business cards , The company has office and production plants over 5000 square meters, annual production capacity is up to 150 million .        

        The company not only own the world first-class printing equipment on international printing industry but also hold a professional technical team to track service and satisfies the customer with different products requirement , to achieve  the optimal balance of product quality and price,establish a good business prestige  by standardized service guarantee system.
        The congrui have had exported products to different areas by dozens of countries. With planning, design, printing, sourcing and quality control such as integration all-round service. Facing the changing market, we will continue to focus on customers, in line with a customer- oriented service sales philosophy.

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